Study top 500 Commercial 2017


A greater depth of information,

additional sub-sectors,

even more industry experts

For the eighth time, the EUREB Institute is investigating the German and Austrian strongest TOP 500 COMMERCIAL real estate brands. The Institute is putting more than 530 corporate brands from 11 sub-sectors to the test.
What are the major contributions to the success a company? They have clear market positioning and a developed sustainable brand management strategy. The strongest and most valuable brands in the real estate industry combine both. The REAL ESTATE BRAND VALUE STUDY investigates this area as the largest empirical brand value study in the real estate sector.

Additional sub-sector: real estate law firms

For the first time, the positioning and brand strengths of the most important real estate law firms will be evaluated. The basis of the evaluation is the scientifically recognized EUREB Brand Potential Model, and as in the other sub-sectors, the assessment criteria are tailored to services, markets and target groups.

Greater in depth information for brand management

CEOs and CMOs know the importance of data depth when it comes to the positioning of their own company’s. The efficiency of the marketing measures and indicators are crucial to their development in this extremely competitive environment.
The EUREB Institute guarantees the necessary data quality by the means of its own database management. As a part of the TOP 500 Commercial framework, interviews from more than 22,000 industry experts are also included.

New benchmark classification of the sub-sectors

A company’s competitive advantage is determined by the accuracy of its profile. Benchmarking is crucial to establish a clear demarcation from the competition. The decisive factor here is the determination of its own weight, i.e. the proportion of performance of the corporate brand within a subsector.
The EUREB Institute has adapted the sub-sector classification to market developments, and grouped it in with the EUREB benchmark classification.

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