Europe’s largest brand value study starts now.

Europe’s largest brand value study starts now.

Whether it is project developers, investors, bankers, architects, consultants, etc. – it’s a fact that none of these numerous asset classes within the real estate landscape are spared the constant demand to tweak and refine their business to cope with the constant pressure that is generated by this highly dynamic competition-driven economy. What this means for corporate executives, now more than ever, is that their future strategic measures need to be based on exact and up to date information about the current market and competition, as well as their own corporate data. The key to success, and not failure, is to achieve clear positioning, and sustainable brand management. The strongest players within the real estate industry are able to combine both.

  • The REAL ESTATE BRAND VALUE STUDY, Europe’s largest brand value study, produced by the EUREB Institute, provides detailed insights on this crucial matter and therefore is the basis for permanently strengthening a company’s position and brand.

What’s new?

  • For the first time, the EUREB Institute is this year examining the positioning of over 1,400 corporate brands within the European real estate industry.
  • New sub-sectors and new asset classes are also being evaluated in the benchmark.
  • In addition, the assessment criteria have been adapted to the development of service levels, and market requirements, for example, by using the new criteria to measure the leasing management or digitalization competence.
  • At a national and European level, new studies are providing even more detailed insights into the development potential and functionality of business models.

94,000 industry experts in 47 countries

CEOs and CMOs really do understand the importance of data depth when it comes to the positioning their own business, this information is key to the efficiency of marketing activities, and can provide important early indicators that are crucial to enable development in this competitive environment. The EUREB-Institute guarantees the necessary level of up-to-date quality data by making use of its database management and analysis tools.

As part of the pan-European approach, more than 94,000 industry experts in 47 countries are surveyed. The range of the target group has this year been broadened, an increase of 12 percent compared to the previous year.

New benchmark classification of the subsectors

A keen company profile is determined by its competitive edge.

The clear distinction between one business and that of the competition is revealed through accurate benchmarking. The decisive factor is the evaluation, which identifies the proportion of the performance of a corporate brand within a sub-industry.

  • The EUREB Institute has adapted the sub-sector classification to market developments, and has summarized it in the EUREB benchmark classification.

Here you can see the strongest brands 2017:


What is your brand value?

We assess the value of your real estate brand and make specific suggestions for your successful brand communication.

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